“Redeem” – Guerilla-Videoshot in Paris

The video for «Redeem» is partly set in Hamburg: U3 Baumwall, Speicherstadt, at the main station and at the St.Pauli piers. The other part takes place in Paris. I really wanted to shoot on a roof there – but how do you get on a roof in Paris without paying an expensive filming permit if you don’t know anyone who has access to a roof?

We discovered an unroofed parking garage from which you have a great view over the rooftops of Paris and can even see the Eiffel Tower. I decided to do the videoshot there. Just like I always do, i did …

… Another guerrilla video shooting …

So we just drove up to the topmost parking deck, set up there and started shooting while the sun was setting, which created a really great atmosphere. But there is a night scene in the video for «Redeem», which was also shot from this parking garage roof. In the background you can see a funny little triangular red light flashing: This is the Eiffel Tower, which is not only illuminated until 1 a.m.; it also flashes every hour. The spectacle lasts about 5 minutes each and I really wanted it in the video. So we came back to the guarded parking garage at night. We told the guard at the entrance that we only had to go upstairs for a moment to get something out of the car …

… with the Eiffel Tower in the background

I positioned myself so that I had a view of the stairs and of the ramp that winds up in serpentines, so that I could see if someone was coming up there while we were shooting. I worked with an extremely elongated selfie stick and filmed myself. If you look very closely in the video, you can see that I suddenly get a bit nervous (which fits the lyrics of the song quite well at that moment). Because while I turn around while singing, I suddenly see the guard coming up the ramp! Of course there were surveillance cameras all over the parking garage and he had noticed what we were doing …

The guy was already on the last serpentine while I was still filming. I could just put the camera away before he reached the parking deck. We had the footage in the box.





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