April 16, 2021
Producer: jOE dEERE

no reason to stay where you’re are alone
you won’t bend facing a thousand storms
you know the way out of burning Rome
gaslighting coming to an end

calling a sage – someone who’s awake
not paralyzed by the night
I cannot run when I cannot roll
my heart’s in pain and my head’s under my pillow
but I do not hide…
salvation’s right ahead in front of my eye

a trillion years and some days ago I found my-self asleep
with my head on the same pillow
head became healed – the heart merciful
and now you are here sent from my ancestors

and you’re telling me where we’re coming from
and how madness drove us burning homes
following Caligula, Nero, the pantheons of all the wrong heroes
government, parliament, government, governments cuts into your life
to keep you away from the divine

‘cause you are your own hero
you are your own hero

on your magic way
you’re heading to this place
on your magic pillow

try to feel safe like a cherry-rose
between castle walls
between bricks and shadows

it’s all about doors you’ve opened before
to find yourself in the same situation
loosing the path – is loosing your love

run away from running
run away from running away

you are your own hero
no more running from running away
you are your own hero
hey-hey- hey

so with the years the faded rose shaped the ageless soul
and the beauty by its thorns

it takes a whole life to figure out the purpose of the self
one day your eyes will show

climb up the ancient waterfalls
climbing to my tribe

we’re hovering on pillows

© music and lyrics jOE dEERE
Europe: Gema Berlin
US: copyright office Washington DC
UK: PRS London – all rights reserved
DRMV – Germany

@ jOE dEERE 2021

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