Non Vegan Food

Dezember 3, 2021
Producer: jOE dEERE

I once had a girl
Or should I say she once had me

She showed me a book about how to cook

She asked me to smash the potatoes
While she’s stuffing the hare

So I turned around
And I noticed she wasn’t aware

She stepped on a bug
This beetle was fucked!
I told her she sucks!

My heart broke in two
All those bad news
I had no clue

She told me she worked as a butcher
And started to laugh (hihihi – hahaha – hohoho – hahaha)

I told her I feel pity for her
And went to the bath

When she got her stroke
She was alone
Now she is gone

I’m still chewing roots
Isn’t it good


(Paul Mc Cartney / The Beatles) veganized-cover by jOE dEERE

© music and lyrics jOE dEERE
Europe: Gema Berlin
US: copyright office Washington DC
UK: PRS London – all rights reserved
DRMV – Germany

@ jOE dEERE 2021

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