April 16, 2021
Producer: jOE dEERE

she is leaving this morning
despite the warnings
in spite of what he said
she’s silently closing the door to the bedroom
tipping on toes downstairs…

once she loved this man
today she understand
she’s a refugee on a small island

she never worried a lot
when she carried a lot through all these days
she thought ’bout her daughters life would get harder
if she starts something to say…

but no one can be safe
like no one ever was

with the batterer in a house of violence

so her lips stayed closed for the one she loves the most
he would never let her go…

now she comes out to tell
now she gets out of hell
now she tear down the walls from this house of violence

’cause she’s not half as weak
as he thought that she would be
that she could stop that history of violence

once she loved this man
now she understand…
she’s a refugee on a small island

not too late to forgive – but much too late to forget
anything she had, she had always kept in silence
anything she had, she had always kept in silence
anything she had, she’d always kept in silence


© music and lyrics jOE dEERE
Europe: Gema Berlin
US: copyright office Washington DC
UK: PRS London – all rights reserved
DRMV – Germany

@ jOE dEERE 2021

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