The Intangible Part of a Moment

März 13, 2020
Producer: jOE dEERE

It’s a mysterious thing
I love therefore I am
It’s this intangible part of a moment
It’s an anxious thing feeling incomplete
all this routine
habits and doubt
I found no way out of this windowless parlor where I got lost and locked in by my fears
Almost forgot the fountain of nature in the color of a rose
and the scents of the pine trees
Come and sit with me where no room exist under big old trees with leafs made all of dreams
and golden wishes
That’s when the mountain moves down to the river for a whispered prayer of a child
When I was young and old at the same moment
when I was you
for a blink of an eye
I’ve seen dust raised by the winds of falling rivers taking my spirit over the plain to their heights where I can think as clear as in this moment
Within You I found the sky
Hear the deep heart’ s core on this white sand shore when I was You
for a blink of an eye


© music and lyrics jOE dEERE
Europe: Gema Berlin
US: copyright office Washington DC
UK: PRS London – all rights reserved
DRMV – Germany

@ jOE dEERE 2021

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