The Van

After the deal for my dream van (an old live broadcasting van) fell through, I found my van on a lonely farm on the North Sea. It is a:

  • Mercedes 309 O (Düsseldorf series – Düdo).
  • year of construction 1974
  • 88 HP
  • 100 litre diesel tank
  • Air brake
  • 4,2 tons
  • The caravan body is from the 90s.

The transformation of the van from a former omnibus to a studio-mobile was a time-consuming process on my own. In order to be as self-sufficient as possible on the road, I later added

  • 300 Watt solar
  • 2x 100 litre water tanks
  • Swedish separation toilet
  • 210 Ampère supply battery
  • 220 volt inverter
  • Outdoor shower

As I found out later, part of the yard belonged to Jan Fedder, a well-known German actor who unfortunately passed away recently. Today he probably wouldn’t recognise the car so quickly, as it has been given a new coat of paint.


… to be continued …





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