Vegan Music Makers Revolution

I am proudly presenting the VEGAN MUSIC MAKERS community (which was started as a facebook group from Geno Maurillo and Michael Blow). I want to spread the spirit / philosophy now also here on my website.

We come from a love-based approach in hopes of helping to positively evolve the planet. We as the human species have created much destruction of other species, nature, the environment, and our very own health. We are at critical mass and have little time to awaken. We hope our music in a small to a large way, will help bring us to a higher level of consciousness.

(from the Vegan Music Makers Youtube Channel)

We are a group supporting all vegan musicians, vocalists, lyricists, videographers & music educators. We are a love-based global community helping evolve the planet with vegan music. We recognize that music can galvanize millions while fostering the positive change needed for all life on earth to co-exist in restored balance for all generations to come.

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